10 Best Tile Trim Suppliers In 2024

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10 best tile trim suppliers in 2024


In this article, we will introduce the top 10 tile trim suppliers, providing a one-stop solution for your architectural decoration project.

In the vibrant and ever-evolving field of architecture and interior design, tile trims play a crucial role in adding the perfect finishing touch to various spaces. These small but important components not only enhance the aesthetics of the tile areas but also protect the edges from wear and tear.

Entering the year 2024, driven by the global trend towards more complex and durable interior solutions, the demand for high-quality tile trims will continue to rise. If you want to improve your space with elegant and sturdy tile finishes, this guide will be an indispensable resource. We will focus on the main strengths, products, and reasons why each supplier is a leader in the tile trim industry.

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List of Best Tile Trim Suppliers in The World

While many manufacturers offer tile trims, the following companies stand out in terms of reputation, capabilities and experience in creating innovative tile trims:


best tile trim suppliers 1
  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of tile installation systems
  • Year Established: 1966
  • Location: Germany

Company Background and Advantage:

Founded by Werner Schlüter in 1966, Schluter Systems originated from a simple yet innovative idea to protect tile edges during installation. This idea evolved into a comprehensive range of products that include tile edging profiles, waterproofing systems, and electric floor warming systems. The company is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability, making it a leader in the tile installation industry. Schluter Systems has significantly impacted modern tiling techniques with its pioneering solutions, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal in tile installations worldwide.

Key Products:

Tile Trim Profiles, Underlayments, Waterproofing Membranes, Heated Flooring Systems, and Shower Systems.


best tile trim suppliers 2
  • Type of Business: Tile trim manufacturers and suppliers
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Location: China

Company Background and Advantage:

NIUYUAN, has more than 15 years of experience in tile trim production and projects. Facing different tile trim designs for different decoration styles all over the world, we provide different solutions in terms of raw material selection, surface treatment selection, profile design, size design, punching, and many other aspects.

Key Products:

Aluminum Tile Trim, Stainless Steel Tile Trim, Brass Tile Trim, PVC Tile Trim, Stone Tile Trim, Tile Trim Corners, and Custom Tile Trim Solutions.


best tile trim suppliers 3
  • Type of Business: Leading provider of tile trim and tiling accessories
  • Year Established: 1989
  • Location: UK

Company Background and Advantage:

Since its establishment in 1989 in the UK, Genesis has been dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality tiling solutions. Known for its extensive range of tile trims, Genesis designs products with the installer in mind, focusing on ease of use and durability. The company’s commitment to offering responsive customer service and ensuring next-day delivery in the UK makes them a reliable partner for efficient project execution.

Key Products:

Aluminum Tile Trims, Expansion Joints, LED Lighting Profiles, Movement Joints, Skirting Profiles.


best tile trim suppliers 4
  • Type of Business: Global provider of innovative flooring and industrial solutions
  • Year Established: 1979
  • Location: USA

Company Background and Advantage:

QEP Co., Inc., founded in 1979, is a leading provider of innovative flooring and tiling solutions in the US and globally. Their extensive product lines cater to both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts. QEP ensures that each product meets stringent standards through a robust testing and development process. They provide a wide array of tile trims, tools, and related accessories, establishing themselves as a one-stop-shop for all tiling needs with strong global distribution capabilities.

Key Products:

Tile Trim Profiles, Tile Spacers and Leveling Systems, Manual Tile Cutters, Adhesives and Grouts, Tiling Tools and Accessories.


best tile trim suppliers 5
  • Type of Business: Retailer of home improvement and garden products
  • Year Established: 1969
  • Location: UK

Company Background and Advantage:

B&Q has been a staple in the UK retail market since 1969, offering a broad range of home improvement products including a comprehensive selection of tile trims. Their extensive experience in the retail industry enables them to cater to both budget-friendly and high-end project needs. B&Q focuses on customer satisfaction, supported by accessible in-store experts and an intuitive online shopping experience, making it easy for customers to find the perfect products for their tiling projects.

Key Products:

Metal Tile Trims, PVC tile trims, Wood Effect Tile Trims, Corner Pieces, Decorative Borders


best tile trim suppliers 6
  • Type of Business: Specialist in profiles and systems for tile and natural stone installations
  • Year Established: 1948
  • Location: Germany

Company Background and Advantage:

Dural has established itself as a specialist in profiles and systems for tile and natural stone installations since its founding in 1948 in Kautenbach, Germany. The company is renowned for its innovative approach, consistently introducing cutting-edge products that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of tile installations. Dural’s commitment to quality is evident in their durable and visually appealing tile trim options, tailored to meet the precise needs of architects and designers. Their focus on customer-centric solutions and a diverse product range makes them a preferred choice for those seeking superior installation components.

Key Products:

Metal Tile Trims, Movement Joints, Stair Nosings, Waterproofing and Drainage Systems.

Progress Profiles  

best tile trim suppliers 7
  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of technical and decorative profiles
  • Year Established: 1985
  • Location: Italy

Company Background and Advantage:

Based in Asolo, Italy, Progress Profiles has been at the forefront of manufacturing technical and decorative profiles since 1985. Their expertise lies in creating solutions that are both functional and stylish, ensuring that every tile installation achieves a perfect finish. Progress Profiles is distinguished by their commitment to innovation, offering products that cater to the latest design trends and installation technologies. Their comprehensive catalog includes profiles that are ideal for a variety of architectural styles, making them a go-to for professionals looking for quality and versatility.

Key Products:

Wall Tile Trim, Floor Tile Trim, Stair Tile Trim, Tile Expansion Joints and Tile Leveler Systems.


best tile trim suppliers 8
  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of floor and wall profiles for tile and stone installations
  • Year Established: 1968
  • Location: Italy

Company Background and Advantage:

Founded in 1968 in Vicenza, Italy, Profilitec stands out as a leading manufacturer of floor and wall profiles for tile and stone installations. Their long-standing industry presence is built on a foundation of engineering excellence and a deep understanding of the aesthetics involved in tile installation. Profilitec’s products are designed to provide seamless transitions and exceptional durability, ensuring that each installation stands the test of time. Their dedication to producing high-quality profiles has made them a favorite among construction professionals globally.

Key Products:

Floor and Wall Tile Profiles, Shower Systems, Skirting Boards, Soundproofing Systems, Custom Design Profiles


best tile trim suppliers 9
  • Type of Business: Producer of skirting boards and profiles for floor and wall coverings
  • Year Established: 1976
  • Location: Italy

Company Background and Advantage:

Profilpas, established in 1976 in Cadoneghe, Italy, specializes in producing skirting boards and profiles for floor and wall coverings. Their products are designed to add a touch of elegance to any space while providing essential protection for tile edges. Profilpas is known for their innovative approach to materials and finishes, offering a wide range of options to suit various design preferences. Their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction is evident in their environmentally friendly practices and the personalized service they provide to each client.

Key Products:

Robust Tile Profiles for Corner and Edge Protection, Curved Tile Profiles, Decorative Tile Profiles, Transition profiles, and Stylish skirting boards.

M-D Building Products

best tile trim suppliers 10
  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of building materials and tools for both consumer and professional use
  • Year Established: 1920
  • Location: USA

Company Background and Advantage:

M-D Building Products, based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, has been a prominent name in the building materials industry since 1920. As a manufacturer of building materials and tools for both consumer and professional use, M-D Building Products provides a broad spectrum of tile trim options that cater to a wide array of installation needs. Known for their durability and versatility, their products are designed to enhance both the functionality and appearance of tile installations. M-D Building Products’ dedication to innovation and quality has solidified their position as a trusted supplier in the market.

Key Products:

Aluminum and Vinyl Tile Trims, Floor Trims and Transitions, Carpet Edging, Mosaic Tiling Sheets, Weather Stripping and Caulking.

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