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Tile spacers as one of the important tools for construction workers indoor construction, has been a hot selling product in many countries, buy more styles of tile spacers through us to help your store increase sales, can accept any request for custom service.

General Hot Selling Tile Spacers

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cross tile spacers

Plastic Tile Spacer

Looking for high-quality, customized plastic tile spacers? Look no further! Our professional tile spacer manufacturing company specializes in producing custom spacers in a variety of sizes and colors using top-quality PP material. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your tiling projects to the next level!

y tile spacers

Y Tile Spacer

Revolutionize your tiling projects with Y Tile Spacer! Our top-grade plastic spacers ensure a precise and even gap between tiles, guaranteeing a professional finish. As a reliable tile spacer manufacturer, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate your project’s needs. Order now and take your tiling game to the next level!

t tile spacers

T Tile Spacers

T tile spacers are plastic T-shaped tools used to create consistent gaps between tiles during installation. They come in different sizes to fit various tile dimensions and grout line widths, and are easy to use and remove. T tile spacers help to achieve a professional-looking tile installation by ensuring even spacing and leveling. They are popular among DIYers and professional tile installers alike.

reusable tile spacers 1

Reusable Tile Spacers

Don’t settle for mediocre tiling results. Reusable Tile Spacers from our manufacturer guarantee a professional finish every time! Made from high-quality plastic and available in different sizes, our spacers are built to last and easy to reuse. Order now and see the difference Reusable Tile Spacers can make on your tiling projects!

diamond tile spacers

Tile Leveling Spacers

Tile leveling spacers are crucial for achieving a level and even tile installation. These tools consist of two interlocking pieces that are adjusted to the desired level and tightened together, eliminating lippage and preventing tiles from shifting during installation. Tile leveling spacers are particularly useful for large tiles and uneven surfaces. Using these spacers can result in a more professional and polished tile installation.

horseshoe shims

Plastic Horseshoe Shims

Are you on the hunt for top-quality plastic horseshoe shims that can enhance your tiling projects? Look no further than our manufacturing company. We specialize in producing customized shims that come in a variety of colors and sizes, made from the highest-grade plastic materials. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and customer service, with years of experience to back us up. Get in touch with us today.

tile shims

Ceramic Tile Spacer

Ceramic tile spacers are essential tools for achieving precise and consistent spacing between ceramic tiles during installation. They come in a range of sizes and shapes and are typically made from plastic. Ceramic tile spacers ensure that tiles are evenly spaced, reducing the risk of lippage, or uneven edges. With the help of ceramic tile spacers, you can achieve a professional-looking tile installation with ease.

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Design & Molding

With cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and a team of experienced experts, NIUYUAN can create intricate and high-quality tile spacers. Bring your project design ideas into reality.

Through NIUYUAN’s network, you can access over 10,00 different styles of tile spacers. If you indeed need a customized injection mold, we will assist you in design.

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Quality Control

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NIUYUAN has imported fully automatic injection molding production lines from Germany. After molding, the products only require light assembly through mechanical fastening before they can be packaged. This greatly simplifies the production process, enabling us to fulfill large orders in a relatively short delivery time, ensuring that you won’t miss out on peak sales seasons.

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shipping 1.jpg
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First, we work with top logistics, courier, and Freight agents allowing us the most competitive transit time and pricing. Second, we supply packing material like cardboard tubes, boxes, or on pallets depending on the shape of the material and size of your order. Want your material created? We can do that too!


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