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Tile Trims

The tile trims we produce mainly include aluminum tile trim, stainless steel tile trim, copper tile trim, brass tile trim, plastic tile trim, stone tile trim, and other material tile trim.

Aluminum Tile Trim

Our aluminum tile trims have a variety of styles, including L-shaped, arc-shaped, U-shaped, V-shaped, T-shaped, and other shapes.

Stainless Steel Tile Trim

Our stainless steel tile trim line can be made of different materials, mainly stainless steel 201 and 304, and a variety of shapes and styles are available.

Brass Tile Trim

Our brass tile trim lines are made of high-quality copper materials and can be customized in different shapes.
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Plastic Tile Trim

The plastic tile trim line we produce is of high quality, not easy to break, and has various colors and different shapes.

Stone Tile Trim

The stone tile trim line is made of plastic and marble, durable and beautiful, welcome to purchase.

Tile Trim Corners

The stone tile trim line is made of plastic and marble, durable and beautiful, welcome to purchase.

Tiling Tools

We have many hot-selling styles of ceramic tile tools in the international market, professional production lines and supply chains, quality assurance, and competitive prices.

Tile Spacers

We have multiple styles of plastic tile crosses, which support the use of different tile sizes.

Tile Leveling System

We have a classic tile leveling system and reusable tile levelers. For more details, please click the button to view.

Tile Height Adjuster

The tile height adjuster brings you very good convenience when installing wall tiles.

Stair Nosings

Install some type of stair nostrils on home, commercial, industrial, or municipal stairs to provide anti-slip performance. The main advantage of this is to increase the safety of pedestrians. NiuYuan Trims offers a series of products designed to increase stair traction and increase aesthetic appeal.

Aluminum Stair Nosing

A variety of different styles of aluminum stair nosing are available, and customized production is available. Please contact us.

Stainless Steel Stair Nosing

The stainless steel stair nosing has anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-slip functions. Good quality and durable.

PVC Stair Nosing

The PVC stair nosing strip is cheap, easy to install, and has various colors. Excellent quality, please contact custom production quickly.

Floor Accessories

Flooring accessories can provide easy and quick installation solutions for renovators, and we produce high quality and hot selling accessories that will give you a good boost to open up the market in any country.

Floor Transitions

Different styles of floor transition strips are suitable for products in various markets.

Carpet Transitions

High-quality carpet transition strips are suitable for the transitional use of many office and commercial carpets.

Skirting Board

Beautiful floor skirting, good quality, suitable for all walls. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles.

Tile Expansion Joint

Tile expansion joint can bring space between tiles, prevent thermal expansion and contraction, and also bring beauty.

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