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NIUYUAN Trims has 15 years of professional experience in producing Skirting Boards, and we develop best-selling styles for respective markets based on different countries. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, you can try contacting us, and we will recommend the suitable Skirting Board for your market.

Furthermore, we can customize skirting boards in different specifications, colors, shapes, and surface treatments according to your requirements.

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General Hot Selling Skirting Boards

Find the right skirting boards below for your business, our products have up to a 2-year warranty.

aluminum skirting board

Aluminum Skirting Board

Aluminum skirting board is a new decorative material or a replacement product for modern decoration. It is the same as all the previous materials of skirting, which plays a role in visual balance, beautification and decoration, and protection of corners and floors in the decoration space.

stainless steel skirting board

Stainless Steel Skirting Board

Upgrade your space with our custom stainless steel skirting board – durable, sleek, and stylish. Contact us today for a perfect fit.

led skirting board

LED Skirting Board

We specialize in creating custom LED skirting that perfectly fits your needs. With my expertise, I can bring your ideas to life and provide top-quality products that enhance your space. Contact me today to discuss your custom production needs.

wood grain skirting board

Wood Grain Skirting Board

NIUYUAN’s wood-grain skirting board products are formed from aluminum alloy through a series of special processes. After surface spraying and heat transfer printing, a metallic texture with a wood grain effect is produced. This product features characteristics such as fade-resistance, high strength, waterproofing, impact resistance, pest resistance, environmental safety, and reusability.

pvc skirting board

PVC Skirting Board

PVC Skirting Board product is an environmentally friendly decoration product, there are a variety of colors that can be customized, the price is cheap, very suitable for some small decoration use.

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