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We have a broad product portfolio that can help architects, distributors, and brands find a unified resource to meet all their project needs.

NiuYuan Trims is a market-leading tiling trims and tool suppliers and manufacturers, To provide the most professional one-stop tiling trims and tools production to the tile/stone industry in the world. Dedicated to providing excellent service, We are currently cooperating with many internationally renowned brands.

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Tile Trims

Aluminum Tile Trim, Stainless Steel Tile Trim, Copper Tile Trim, Plastic Tile Trim, Stone Tile Trim, Tile Trim Corners.


Tiling Tools

Tile Spacers, Tile Leveling System, Tile Clips, Tile Wedges, Tile Pliers, Tile Height Regulator, Ceramic Tile Sucker.


Stair Nosings

Aluminum Stair Nosing, Stainless Steel Stair Nosing, PVC Stair Nosing, Non-Slip Stair Nosing.


Floor Accessories

Aluminum Floor Transitions, Stainless Steel Floor Transitions, Carpet Transition, Skirting Board.

Why Choose Us

More than 15 years of experience and 2,0000 assembly spaces ensure that we can flexibly provide you with 24/7 stable and fast order shipping. Just expand your business and get a stable source of income.


Strictly guided quality control starts from R&D design and through each process of production, products will always remain in best condition.


Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service.


All samples will be shipped within 3 day, all regular orders will be fulfilled within 25 days.


All size of orders are appreciated and will be well taken care of, be it big or small.


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high-level overviews iterative approaches.


All your queries will be answered within 12 hours, no exception.

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Good quality and fast delivery. Fortunate to find and cooperate with NiuYuan Trims. With leading equipment and professional quality inspectors, I feel relieved to entrust them.
Dave Rainbow
Dave Rainbow
CEO & Founder
A reliable supplier introduced by a business partner and has been working for more than 3 years. I was surprised by the professionalism and response speed of the salesperson.
Jens Fournais
Jens Fournais
General Manager
I have found a lot of suppliers in China to cooperate with. The real idea is that NiuYuan Trims gives me the most amazing one-stop service. We have become the best partner.
Edward B. Suarez

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