T Tile Spacers

NIUYUAN T Tile Spacers are made of high quality plastic that is durable and easy to use, ensuring that the tiles are laid at a consistent distance from each other. The T-shape design can be used where three tiles meet, effectively solving the problem of laying tiles in corners and edges.

Product Specification

Product Name T Tile Spacers
Model Number TS-T0113
Material PE
Size 1.0mm-6.0mm
Quantity 100pcs/bag, or Customized
Color White/ RAL color
Usage Ensure consistent spacing when laying tiles
After-sale Service Online technical support
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Delivery time 7-15days


Are you worried about MOQ?

We offer a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1000 bags to accommodate customers with smaller needs. Take the first step and experience our services.

Packaging & Shipping


Our tile spacers come in a variety of packaging options to suit your preferences and needs:

Standard Protection: We use standard clear plastic bags to seal our tile spacers. Of course, we also support customized bucket packaging, which will give your product a more premium look.

Company Branding: If you would like our logo on the package, we will apply a sticker with our logo to the surface of the tile spacers or print it.

Enhanced Protection: For added protection, we pack each package of tile spacers in a sturdy cardboard box.

Premium Packaging: Choose our safest packaging option, we will place wooden or plastic pallets underneath the box, which will reduce the damage of the outer packaging during transportation.

Shipping Methods

Choose the shipping method that suits you best:

Ocean freight:
– Less than Container Load (LCL): For bulk shipments, we use laminated wooden pallets that comply with ISPM 15. These crates do not need to be fumigated to pass customs inspections.

– FCL (Full Container Load): When you purchase a full container load, we place wooden pallets at the bottom of the container for protection. This prevents direct contact between the outer packaging and the container and minimizes the risk of deformation during transportation.

Railroad transportation:
– Railroad transportation can be used, especially for landlocked countries. Compared to sea transportation, CEFFL transportation is highly efficient and saves a lot of time, which benefits customers in some regions and improves the efficiency of the project.

Sea-rail transportation:
– Sea-rail intermodal transport is a seamless way of moving goods through coastal seaports and by rail. This method combines the cost-effectiveness of sea and rail transportation with the advantages of large cargo capacity, resulting in both cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Choose the packaging and transportation method that best meets your requirements to ensure safe and efficient delivery of our tile spacers to your destination.

Looking For a T Tile Spacers Supplier For Your Project?

NIUYUAN is a leading Tile Spacers manufacturer in China. We provide one stop solution for your tile laying projects and business.

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