L Shaped Brass Trim

L Shaped Brass Trim

NIUYUAN L Shaped Brass Tile Trim Crafted with premium brass, this trim offers durability and a luxurious finish to accentuate your tiles seamlessly. Its L-shaped profile ensures a perfect edge and protects tile edges from chipping and damage. Enhance the aesthetics of your spaces while achieving a professional look. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Product Applications

L-Shaped Brass Tile Trim is a versatile and elegant finishing material used in various applications. Here’s a detailed description of its applications:

Wall Corners: L-Shaped Brass Tile Trim protects the edges of walls, particularly in high-traffic areas where wear and tear are expected.

Countertop Edges: They can be applied to the edges of countertops in kitchens and bathrooms to prevent chipping and enhance appearance.

Decorative Borders: The brass finish adds a luxurious touch, and it can be used to create decorative borders around mirrors, artwork, or along walls.

Accenting Tile Work: It can accentuate tile patterns, adding a refined finish to the tiled surfaces.

Floor Transitions: L-Shaped Brass Tile Trim can be used where different flooring materials meet, providing a smooth transition and a cohesive look.

Wall-to-Ceiling Transitions: It can seamlessly transition between wall and ceiling, adding a polished finish.

Stair Nosing: It can be applied to the edges of stairs to provide a non-slip surface and prevent the material’s wearing.

Garden Edging: The brass trim can be used for edging in gardens or patios, providing a decorative boundary.

Pool Surroundings: These can be used around pools to create a visually appealing and safe edge.

Retail Spaces: It can create elegant displays and protect surfaces in shops and retail spaces.

Office Buildings: It adds a professional touch to office interiors, especially in reception areas and conference rooms.

Wheelchair Access Ramps: The trim can mark and protect the edges of ramps, aiding in accessibility.

Laboratories and Hospitals: Due to its non-corrosive nature, it can be used in environments that require sterile and clean finishes.

L-Shaped Brass Tile Trim is functional and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to various residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Its durability and attractive appearance make it a preferred choice for designers and homeowners alike.

Color Options




Solid Brass

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