Brass Bendable Tile Trim

Brass Bendable Tile Trim

Brass Bendable Tile Trim combines flexibility and elegance for complex curved tile installations.
Made from premium brass, this trim can be easily shaped for curved walls, arches and other non-linear surfaces.

Product Applications

Brass Bendable Tile Trim, with its unique combination of flexibility and elegance, finds its application in various scenarios:

Curved Walls and Surfaces: Perfect for accommodating the contours of curved walls, archways, or rounded design elements in residential and commercial buildings.

Custom Tiling Projects: Ideal for bespoke tiling projects that require a trim to conform to non-standard shapes and designs, such as custom-made showers or unique backsplash designs.

Luxury Bathrooms and Kitchens: Adds a touch of opulence to bathrooms and kitchens, especially around curved counters, sinks, bathtubs, or shower enclosures.

Historical Renovations: In restoration projects, particularly in heritage buildings where maintaining architectural integrity with flexible design solutions is essential.

Artistic and Decorative Installations: Used in artistic wall designs or mosaic installations, where the trim needs to bend and shape according to the artistic layout.

Commercial Spaces: In hotel lobbies, high-end retail stores, or luxury offices, where custom and curved design elements are used to create a striking visual impact.

Furniture and Cabinetry: Applied in custom furniture making or cabinetry, especially in pieces with curved edges or unique shapes.

Outdoor and Garden Applications: Although less common, can be used in outdoor settings like curved patio edges or landscaping features, bringing elegance to outdoor spaces.

Brass Bendable Tile Trim’s versatility and luxurious appearance make it an excellent choice for a wide range of design and architectural applications, offering both functionality and a high-end aesthetic.

Color Options




Solid Brass

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