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General Hot Selling Aluminum Stair Nosing

Find the right aluminum stair nosing below for your business, our products have up to a 2-year warranty.

Aluminum Stair Nosing with Rubber Insert

Aluminum Stair Nosing with Rubber Insert

Introducing our Aluminum Anti Slip Stair Nosing – the ultimate solution for safe and stylish stairways. With its durable and slip-resistant design, our nosing provides superior traction, preventing slips and falls. Choose from a range of finishes and installation options to fit any decor. Invest in safety and style with our innovative product.

aluminum stair nosing for tiles

Aluminum Stair Nosing for Tiles

Introducing NIUYUAN’s Aluminum Stair Nosing for Tiles – the ultimate solution for slip-resistant stairs. Crafted with precision, our nosing provides a sleek and durable finish for any staircase. Choose safety and style with NIUYUAN’s innovative product.

extruded aluminum stair nosing

Extruded Aluminum Stair Nosing

NIUYUAN’s extruded aluminum stair guard boasts an anodized silver finish and is offered with either self-adhesive backing or perforations. Designed to protect steps with a knurled flat surface, it’s perfect for enhancing safety in public and private settings. With its impeccable finish, our stair sealing conceals laying defects and safeguards edges. Whether you choose the self-adhesive or perforated version, you can expect easy installation and reliable adhesion to steps.

anodized aluminum stair nosing

Anodized Aluminum Stair Nosing

NIUYUAN’s anodized aluminum non-slip stair guard features replaceable rubber inserts and a knurled top half for enhanced slip resistance post-installation. Choose from gold, bronze, or silver finish, as well as adhesive or perforated options. Our stair sealing ensures a flawless finish, covers paving defects, and guards against edge damage. With simple installation, the self-adhesive backing guarantees a perfect fit or opt for the perforated version with screws and anchors.

rounded stair nosing

Rounded Stair Nosing

Rounded Stair Nosing provides a safe and attractive finish to any staircase. Our precision-crafted design ensures a sleek profile that is both durable and slip-resistant. With a variety of finishes and installation options available, our product offers the perfect balance of style and functionality. Choose Rounded Stair Nosing for a secure and stylish solution to your stairway needs.

aluminum safety stair nosing

Aluminum Safety Stair Nosing

Aluminum safety stair sealing is an anodized aluminum non-slip stair sealing with a black carborundum non-slip insert, which is installed in the relative recesses at the top of the profile after laying is complete. The laying can be fixed with the bottom of the profile can be coated with silicone and/or adhesive to ensure a good grip.
It is made of anodized aluminum and is available in silver, gold, or bronze finish.

aluminum stair nosing for carpet

Aluminum Stair Nosing for Carpet

Introducing our Aluminum Stair Nosing for Carpet – the ultimate solution for a secure and polished finish to your stairway. Designed with precision, our nosing provides a durable and slip-resistant surface for carpets, protecting against wear and tear. With a range of finishes and installation options available, our product offers both style and functionality. Choose Aluminum Stair Nosing for Carpet for a safe and stylish solution to your stairway needs.

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Custom Aluminum Stair Nosing for Different Industries

Aluminum stair nosing can be used in a variety of settings, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and other high-traffic areas such as commercial buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

Entrance Stairs in Public Buildings
Using aluminum stair nosing on the entrance stairs of malls, office buildings, or hospitals enhances walking safety, especially in adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. The anti-slip properties of aluminum help to reduce the risk of slips and falls.
Steps in School Gymnasiums
Installing aluminum stair nosing in school gymnasiums or sports arenas can withstand frequent foot traffic and running, increasing the durability and traction of the steps.
Stairs in Subway or Train Stations
In these high-traffic areas, aluminum stair nosing not only enhances the durability of the steps but also improves visibility through its reflective properties, especially in low-light or nighttime conditions.
Emergency Exit Stairs in Industrial Areas
In industrial settings like factories or warehouses, aluminum stair nosing can withstand heavy wear and provides a clear escape route in emergencies.
Outdoor Landscape Stairs
In parks or outdoor landscape areas, aluminum stair nosing not only improves the safety and durability of the stairs but also becomes part of the landscape design due to its modern appearance.
Residential Stair Decoration
In modern homes, aluminum stair nosing can serve as a decorative element, enhancing the aesthetics and contemporary feel of the stairs while providing additional safety.

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