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We have more than 15 years of customized service experience, First-class production line, competitive price, provide you with professional one-stop customized service.

Shapes & Molding

Shapes & Molding

On-Demanding Shapes for Practical Construction

A warehouse of 800+ pre-designed moldings makes it possible to produce any popular trim shapes in the market. L-shape, Square-shape, round-shape, R-shape, and more, an excellent selection of edgings are guaranteed to benefit all types of architects, contractors, and engineers.
We also offer custom molding at humble prices. Whether your project calls for aluminum, stainless steel, or PVC, we have your custom order covered.

Our inventory of moldings on-the-shelf at NiuYuan-Trims is so broad and deep, that what you assume is a custom extrusion may actually be a standard and ready to ship.
Or, we can custom the shape you need. NiuYuan-Trims give you access to more than 12,000 extruder shapes. If you truly need a custom die and extrusion, we will help you design and engineer it.


Extrusion & Fabrication

Meet Seamless Extrusion & Blending

Proper materials and our experienced workmanship ensure the smoothness and gloss of trims. NiuYuan-Trim’s specialty is the manufacturing of complex and high-quality tile trim extrusions, blending, and any secondary process.
Our full range of metalwork is produced through a proprietary technique that delivers features and tolerances, giving us unmatched flexibility and profile capabilities.

Our company capable of producing high-quality edging trim extrusion varieties by having custom extrusion press dimensions which consist of the most common extrusion profiles and thin-walled extrusion profiles.
And therefore, we can offer too many custom extrusion option to extrude any profile as required.


Elevate in Unique Finishes

The polished, dynamic beauty of finishes will elevate the appearance of your trims. Our custom finishes are designed for appearance, performance, and durability: they won’t chip, flake or peel, and many are UV-stable for exterior applications.



Merchandising Packaging Solution

From start to finish we create your display, package your trims, fill your display to spec, and drop ship anywhere in the world. What we do is to reduce your program costs, improve efficiencies, and get to market faster.

Why Choose NiuYuan Trims


Stable Source for Trim Supplies

15+ years of experience and 2,500 assembly space, ensure our flexibility to provide you with stable and quick order shipping 24/7. Just expand your business and get a stable source of income.


A Rich Range of Styles

The varieties of trim range benefits from rich colors, specified sizes, and customized surface finishes. We cover all wholesale and retail orders as well as OEM orders.


100% Full Quality Inspection

We control every single piece of your order, with no random inspection. The purpose is simple: we make sure your products are 100% quality-compliant as your samples or drawing.


Merchandising Display Packaging

Products are packed by type and presented with details of all available sizes and finishes, together with a handy guide to suitable applications for each – enabling you to sell immediately.

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