What is Carpet Cover Trim?

Carpet Cover Trim

Carpet cover trim is mainly used to level the edge of the carpet. It prevents the up-warp of the carpet because of people or rain and other factors. It’s easy to trip people up if the edge of the carpet curl up. Generally, large hotels and some other places like to apply carpet trims to protect the carpet. If carpets are laid in the public passageways of the airport, carpet transition trims must be installed at the junctions. If carpets are laid indoors in a large scale, carpet trim must be applied on the union place of carpets. It is not only the protection for the carpet, but also a kind of indirect protection for others.

What’s more, carpet trim has a good surface wear resistance and quiet effect. The carpet with the cover trims looks more luxurious and beautiful. It is durable because the material is mostly aluminum alloy or PVC. it is also very convenient during construction, we do not need to invest too much manpower and material resources.

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