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NiuYuan Trims supplies many different types of tile expansion joints to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor flooring thermal expansion and contraction.

The joints can withstand frequent vehicle and pedestrian traffic and in some cases, even heavy loads. Joints are available in a wide range of materials to meet the different technical needs in different situations. Highly resistant stainless steel expansion joints with vinyl resin inserts for tile, marble, granite, Kerlite, and Lamimam floors, complemented by corner guard profiles.

Various types of expansion joints for outdoor flooring. Practical, high-quality expansion joints in brass and stainless steel for high-grade mortar-lined floors. Structural joints in natural aluminum with neoprene inserts for expansion and contraction. Flat joint covering profiles for concealing structural movement and expansion between different structural floor sections. There are many other solutions available for all possible needs.

Tile Expansion Joint


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Tile Expansion Joint

Aluminium Tile Expansion Joint

NiuYuan aluminum tile expansion joint is a natural aluminum expansion joint with replaceable PVC/rubber inserts. It is available in black, gray, beige, or ivory and is used to create expansion joints in tile, marble, or granite floors and any flooring with a thickness between 8 and 20 mm laid with glue/adhesives.

Tile Expansion Joint

Stainless Steel Tile Expansion Joint

The NiuYuan stainless steel tile expansion joints are laid with adhesive available in stainless steel. The internal part of the joint is always in black or gray EPDM. the joint is designed to withstand heavy loads and frequent foot traffic. The joint is installed in accordance with the cutout on the concrete screed. High strength, high quality connection. Suitable for use in food contact situations.

Tile Expansion Joint

movable Expansion joint

The movable tile expansion joint is specially designed to relieve the stress of high-grade flooring (marble, granite, tile, or wood) laid on a bed of mortar. The joint is simply inserted by hand and leveled with a plastic hammer. It is available in brass or stainless steel with a vulcanized EPDM expansion gasket inside. Sturdy, practical, and of the highest quality.

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