Stone Tile Trim

The stone tile trim line is suitable for home and industrial decoration, indoor and outdoor can be used, the sun does not change color, pattern as one, no formaldehyde, no radiation, environmentally friendly building materials home decoration materials.

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Plastic Stone Tile Trim

Plastic stone tile trim lines are lightweight, easy to install, inexpensive and come in a variety of colors, and can be customized in many shapes.

Stone Square Edge Tile Trim

The stone square edge tile trim line is very suitable for repairing the corners of the stone pattern tiles, which will greatly improve the aesthetic.

Stone L Shape Tile Trim

Stone L-shaped tile trim line for repairing right-angle stone pattern tiles, durable and secure.
We can customize different shapes and colors for you.

Stone Round Edge Tile Trim

A stainless steel round edge tile trim for protecting and finishing tiled corners and edges.
Provides a decorative finish and protects adjacent tile edges. Features a perforated anchoring leg for securing in adhesive or mortar bond below the tiled surface.
We can customize different shapes and colors for you.

Stone Round Edge Tile Trim

Stone round edge tile trim line is used to repair the corners of the stone grain tiles, bringing the protection of the arc, beautiful appearance with a very good function of protection.

Stone Aluminum Tile trim

Stone aluminum tile trim line is made of aluminum alloy and stone together, it is a new style product, easy to install in a variety of colors.
We can customize different shapes and colors for you.

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