Stainless Steel Stair Nosing

Stainless steel stair nosing is a step protection technology profile designed and conceived to make the steps of ceramic and porcelain non-slip and non-skid, which is used before the steps are laid. Made of 304 glazed stainless steel with knurling on the top to increase adhesion. It replaces special ceramic elements in a refined, corrosion-resistant, and economical way. It is mandatory for accident prevention in public places. Recommended for elegant and refined industrial, commercial and private environments: available in H: 8-10-12,5-15mm versions. Recommended for use in combination with the entire range of profiles. Suitable for use in food contact situations.

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On-Demanding Shapes For Practical Construction

Our inventory of molded NiuYuan Trims on the shelf is so extensive and in depth that what you think is a custom extrusion may actually be a standard one and ready to ship.

Or, we can customize the shape you need. NiuYuan Trims offers you over 12,000 extruder shapes. If you really need a custom die and extruder, we will help you design and engineer it.

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