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Aluminum skirting is a new decorative material or a replacement product for modern decoration. It is the same as all the previous materials of skirting, which plays a role in visual balance, beautification and decoration and protection of corners and floors in the decoration space.
Aluminum alloy because of high die-casting yield, dense casting, high strength of the finished product, no fracture characteristics, flexibility, while copper plating coloring effect is good, light specific gravity, good decorative effect. Simple, fashionable, beautiful, environmental protection, more and more are used in the decoration industry.

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Aluminum wall skirting board

The Aluminum wall skirting board is a full aluminum L profile product, the profile, the height of 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, the length of each strip are 3 meters, the back of the two fixed snap groove and waterproof rubber strip groove to ensure the flatness of the product. The more popular colors in the market are bright brushed, champagne brushed, titanium brushed, coffee brushed, black titanium brushed, gunmetal brushed, purple gold brushed and various spraying oxidation, etc.

skirting board profiles

Skirting Board Profiles products after a series of special technology molding, surface straight tapping after high-temperature coloring oxidation, with this aluminum production out of the aluminum skirting metal texture, strong, non-fading, high strength, no deformation, waterproof, moisture, anti-collision, insect, moth, wear-resistant, anti-aging, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to install, easy to remove, with a running line function, can be reused.

plastic skirting board

PVC Skirting Board product is an environmentally friendly decoration product, there are a variety of colors that can be customized, the price is cheap, very suitable for some small decoration use.

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