carpet transition strip

NiuYuan Trims Series Carpet Transition Strip is a profile made of anodized aluminum, available in 2 styles, one for the transition between tile and carpet, and the other as a terminal profile for carpet floor edges. It can speed up the laying time and make the laying effect more beautiful.






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Z-section metal carpet edging strip

This Z carpet edging is used to join carpet and laminate/wood/LVT flooring with a height difference of up to 13mm. This threshold rail provides a neat and attractive finish in doorways and other unprotected areas where your carpet is attached to tile or laminate/wood flooring. The metal threshold section can be gently trimmed with a rubber mallet to ensure a tight fit with the edges of both floor coverings.

Double edged metal carpet gripper strips

NiuYuan double aluminum door bars help secure your new floor in place. Perfect for carpeted rooms, they fit flat against the floor at the doorway, providing a secure and stylish connection between rooms. Choose aluminum door rails for unparalleled quality and great looks. A strong and sturdy material, it is the traditional choice for carpeted door rails. Sturdy handles on either side of the double aluminum door rail ensure a strong hold on carpet and flooring, so you know you’re getting lasting quality.

carpet to tile transition strip

This is an anodized carpet to tile transition joint strip that perfectly bridges carpet and tile. The surface specifically comes with a non-slip design to bring safety to pedestrians.
Many different color customizations and finishes are available, so hurry up and contact us.

Single Edge Carpet Metal threshold strips

Single Edge Carpet Metal Threshold Strips – Connects carpet to provide a neat and attractive finish in doorways and other unprotected areas where the carpet is attached to another flooring such as stone, marble, ceramic, vinyl, or linoleum.
For example, this door rail trim is ideal for connecting carpet to vinyl flooring. Exclusive colors such as gray, black bronze, or gold are also available. We would recommend gray, as it is by far the most modern color.

carpet transition strip to tile

NiuYuan Designer modern floor Z-bar trims for connecting carpet to flooring with a maximum height difference of 13mm. These prestigious door bars look great with thicker than normal metal trim in grey, brushed aluminum, brushed silver or matte silver, or chrome.
Ideal for connecting carpet to wood/laminate/tile/ceramic flooring.

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