Ceramic Epoxy Tile Grout

1.  Nontoxic and Eco friendly,
2.  Easy application with 1:1 intelligent mixing;
3.  Piston injection design;
4.   Harde as ceramic, prolong its life lasting



Main components

Epoxy resin + pigment


Univeral for wall and floor tiles/Non so shrink/Non-collapse/ Super Long service life

Operation Time

Within 15 minutes after opening

Curing Time

30 minutes initial curing, 24 hours full curing

Shelf life

12months (normal temperature preservation)

Details about Ceramic Epoxy Tile Grout

NiuYuan Ceramic Epoxy Tile Grout is a two-component resin modified sealant which is made from two different resins fillers of great bonding strength and moisture resistance than cement. Epoxy tile grout has become popular due to its superior advantage, like strong bonding, high gloss decoration effect, strong anti-mildew effect, etc.

It is used to cover the surface of the tile gaps and make a protecting film like ceramics, to resolve problems of dirt and difficulties of cleaning.

Product Advantage

High hardness

NiuYuan Tile Joint Mixture is wear-resistant and non shrinkage

Easy to clean and wash

NiuYuan filler Sealant is stain-resistant and resistance


NiuYuan tile sealant is color lasting, which make tile gaps shining forever

Why choose NiuYuan ceramic epoxy tile grout

NiuYuan epoxy grout is flexible, color fastness. It is professional to help settle your worries  about tile gaps getting yellow, mould, black and dirty,and save your money from refitting.
Besides, it is very esay to use, which can save your energy and time, improve your efficiency.

How to Use

Prepare Job

1)Before commencing grouting, ensure the tile adhesive has set firmly. This usually requires 24 hours before grouting work.
2) Remove any spacer lugs, rake-out any excess adhesive and any loose or foreign material from the grout joints.
3) In general, ensure the grout joints are clean and dry, no dust and moisture.

Start to Work

1) Apply the Two Parts AB Epoxy Colorful Ceramic Tile Grout out along the seams, The diameter of the glue pipe mouth should be less than than the wideth of the seam.
2) After applying the glue into the seam, flatten the seam with the scraper or leveling tool, let the glue stay there for 3 to 5 hours after finishing.
3) Use the shovel to clean the remaining glue.


1) Remove the first mixed grout about 40cm
2) Keep the grout in the mixer opening no longer than 20 minutes, to avoid hard to squeeze the grout, so make sufficient preparation in advance.
3) Gap width above 1.5mm, to make sure the under gap flat without dirts.
4) The grout can be completely hardened after 12 hours, but can be longer if the temperature is low, so it is normal if slow in winter.
5) If the grout can not be used in one time, remember to clean the grout in the mixer opening, and recap to keep in cool place for 12 months, replace a new opening when reuse.

Product Application

If you’re applying tiles such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridor or hall, our epoxy grout is perfect for use. Especially suitable for all kinds of building wall and floor tile gap.

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