Angle Edge Metal Tile Trim

Angle Edge Metal Tile Trim is designed as a retrofit stainless steel edging profile for outside corners of tiled walls that offers heavy-duty edge protection against mechanical stresses in commercial/industrial applications.
Installed on outside corners of existing installations
Prevents tile edges from chipping
Ideal for commercial/industrial applications


Aluminum Alloy


Gold, Silver, black


2.44/ 2.5/ 2.7/ 3m/Customized




8/ 10/ 12 mm/Customized


According to Your Market or Recommend



Details about Angle Edge Metal Tile Trim

This Product is an aluminum edging profile for 90° outside corners of tiled walls that offer excellent edge protection against mechanical stresses; for example, in industrial kitchens and hospitals. In addition, the profiles produce a radiused edge along the outside wall corner for a clean, decorative finish.

This Product is bonded to the outside corners of existing installations. As such, Angle Edge Trim can be installed as a repair so that existing damaged corners do not have to be replaced.

This Product is especially suitable for areas where strict hygienic requirements must be met (e.g., hospitals, industrial kitchens, clean rooms, washrooms, and food-processing plants) and where aesthetic appeal is desired.

Product Shape

Product Process

Product Color

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