How to Use Outside Tile Trim

Outside Tile Trim is a kind of decorative line used for ceramic tile 90 degrees convex Angle enveloping Angle processing, with the bottom plate as the surface, in one side made 90 degrees scallop camber, the material is aluminum alloy, stainless steel, Copper, PVC.
The bottom plate is provided with a non-slip tooth or perforated pattern, which is easy to be fully integrated with the wall and ceramic tile. The edge of the scalloped arc has a finite level, which is used to limit the installation position of ceramic tile or stone.
According to the thickness of the ceramic tile, the positive Angle line is divided into three specifications, the big positive Angle and the small positive Angle, which are suitable for the ceramic tile of 12mm, 10mm, and 8mm thick respectively, and the length is mostly about 3 meters.
Positive Angle line is widely used because of the advantages of simple installation, low cost, effective protection of ceramic tile, reduce the impact of ceramic tile 90 degrees convex Angle, and so on.

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