How to install these floor transition strips?

The floor press strips are mainly used between the floor and the floor, on the one hand, for the harmony between two different materials, on the other hand, to protect the floor from easily buckling, and on the other hand, to fill the gap between the floor and the floor. But for whatever reason, these strips are essential in the decoration process.

In fact, in the floor press strips decoration process, for those professionals is simply a piece of cake. There are two methods of decoration, one is to use glass glue for adhesion, and the other way is to install through the method of punching fixed holes. Although the installation is very convenient, but in the process of installation, there are some need to pay attention to the pursuit of perfection. These precautions are also summarized according to many people who have experienced home renovation. The first thing is to buy the pressure bar, then you need to measure the size of the crossing stone near the installation of the pressure bar.

Some friends will directly choose the salesman for measurement, this way is not desirable. In principle, you need to be measured by the tiler to measure the size of the doorway stone, and then tell the renovation of friends to need to buy what size. And in this measurement process, there is a point to note is that the size of the doorway stone not with the thickness of the wall, in order to install the pressure bar effect more beautiful, you need to indent a centimeter or so, so that the installation of the pressure bar will be flush with the wall. Next is the installation of the pressure bar. In the installation, you need to remind the tiler to install the pressure bar parallel, do not tilt.

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