Difference between sandblasting and anodizing surface treatment of aluminum tile trim

1. Different treatment methods

Aluminum profile sandblasting is a physical treatment, and aluminum profile anodizing treatment is a chemical treatment. Generally speaking, if the aluminum profile can not meet the anti-corrosion requirements after anodic oxidation treatment, then it is necessary to carry out sandblasting treatment and then painting, so as to achieve the expected purpose requirements.

2. Different treatment effect

Sandblasting treatment of aluminum profile can clean, deburr, fly edge, change the roughness, and achieve the effect of light finishing. The anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum profiles does not have these effects.

3. Different corrosion resistance

There is no protective layer on the surface of aluminum profile sandblasting treatment, which cannot meet the requirement of corrosion resistance. The anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum profiles can achieve certain anti-corrosion requirements.

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